About Us

At YMPA, we believe – every home has a story to narrate

Our Chief Interior Artist (CIA) has been imprinting his mark on our customer’s hearts for more than 20 years.

We provide our services in India and overseas, keeping all the COVID -19 safety measures in mind. We create designs in collaboration with the client enabling us to deliver the client’s ultimate vision. Our designs are contemporary yet possess a timeless style that generates a great appeal.

We are passionate about pursuing fresh inspiration and creating compelling design styles that voice out your story, using the highest quality of material available. Hours of extensive market research allow us to create each design specific to demands. We take pride in our work ethics, our eye for innovation, customisation and details, and our successful partnership with the clients.

Our Team

Deepak Mishra

Designs and 3D Modelling

Anil Kamran

Sales and Marketing

Rajani Sharma

PR and Customer Experience Management

Rohan Tripathi

IT & Systems

Santosh Rane

Project Management

Vijay Kasar

Business & Strategy Consultant

KH Gupta & Company

Finance and Legal


At YMPA, we believe, your thoughts are explained better
when we embody them in our designs.
It is a simple 4-step process that gives you clarity about the
concept, design, budget and final results.

Here are the four steps


Your first consultation is on us. When you decide to style your home or makeover your villa, we meet you, check your requirements, suggest a few ideas.


This is where we customise the agreement outlining for specific areas accordingto your budget and likings.

Design Concept

We come up with flawless technical drawings, hand-drawn floorplans & detailed proposal of the project.

Project Completion

We involve you every step of the way and make sure things are going according to the plan, adhering to the schedule. The last thing is to take pictures of our latest creation and hand it over to you.